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2015-06-04 04:02 pm

mairon app @ ryslig

Name: a scarlet thiiing (or just scarlet)
Contact: rancors@plurk, lacqueried@aim
Other Characters: nyet

Character Name: mairon (more commonly known as sauron)
Age: too old. before the universe as his world knows it.
Canon: tolkien legendarium, elfs and shiny rocks edition (mostly, the silmarillion)
Canon Point: during the corruption of numenor
Character Information:
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2013-06-09 11:13 am


of communities providing layouts and/or table codes.

to suggest a comm, comment with
<user name=commname>, label it layouts, codes, or both. and if it's member's only.

if you find that a comm has been deleted, let me know too so we can give it a viking funeral over the rauros falls.

[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts
[community profile] tanllwyth members only
[community profile] visualwit
[community profile] betterdolphin
[community profile] horrified
[community profile] dusktilldawn
[community profile] vigils
[community profile] fit
[community profile] yuanru
[personal profile] megwrites
[community profile] flatlanders
[personal profile] penemue
[personal profile] winterfish
[community profile] inconformista
[personal profile] heylove
[community profile] mentahelada
[personal profile] flowerofsin
[community profile] fruitstyle
[community profile] shifgrethor
[community profile] circa77
[community profile] rentals
[community profile] undertheblue
[community profile] dustier
[community profile] pastries
[community profile] pagans
[community profile] aliahan
OTHER CODES table, profile, cr chart, etc
[community profile] dreamcodes
[community profile] cawaii
[community profile] pastries
[community profile] vipernora
[community profile] betterdolphin
[community profile] vigils
[community profile] monarchy
[community profile] jerky
[community profile] whambam
[community profile] tookthestars
[community profile] whaleparties
[personal profile] glazedmacguffin
[community profile] pagans
[community profile] buttholes
[community profile] chesswar
[community profile] magicalgirls
[personal profile] cindergraphics
[community profile] dickingyard
[community profile] photosynthesis
[community profile] divs partypokemon + pc code
[community profile] suckerlove
[personal profile] mignonne422
[community profile] exclusive
[community profile] ginrummied
[community profile] novae
[personal profile] esper
[community profile] pixle_squared
[community profile] mutantsgohome @ this tag